Music Videos For Children: Allies Or Villains?

I’m sure your baby loves music. It is natural that they are born enjoying listening to melodies, not least because in the womb it was a damned noise. Through music, the baby appropriates the nuances of the mother tongue, he calms down and perceives the sounds of the environment that surrounds him, as well as recognizes the sounds he heard inside the womb. It is also through musicality that parents also strengthen the bonds of affection with the little ones. So, if you live with a little one there, you probably resort to the famous music videos for children when it comes to entertaining him.

Moderate use

As everything in excess does not bring benefits, on the contrary, it harms, the excessive use of screens is not positive, especially in early childhood. Therefore, it is important that the use is always mediated and dosed. But, when in the right measure, music videos are beneficial for the little ones and for the whole family. Therefore, we have listed 5 benefits that songs and music videos can bring to your little one when used correctly :

1 Strengthening of Links

Singing together with your little one brings you closer. So, whenever he is watching or listening to a song, be together! The songs will bring you together and every time they are there, your presence will also be there.

2 Language acquisition

Listening and singing music helps in the development of attention, memory, language acquisition and also in the apprehension of new words.

3 A rescue for your childhood

The songs are always rescued by different artists, passing from generation to generation. I’m sure that many of the songs you heard in your childhood, still play for your little one and even those new ones have references in life experiences that will arouse many emotions!

4 Transmission of values ​​and teachings

The songs usually convey different teachings and babies really learn from them. Learning while having fun is much more effective.

5 A peaceful moment

The routine is really heavy. Many tasks and concerns make everyday family life tense at times. Therefore, the moment of singing together can bring lightness and make the day more peaceful.

But, it is important to reinforce that mediation is key to the benefits of this habit . The ideal is to never leave your child alone with a canvas at hand, especially in early childhood. In addition, bet on safe and cured platforms with content suitable for each stage of childhood. Thus, you will stay away from the harms that negligent use of technology can bring to childhood.